Who We Are

Why Her and Him?

Her and Him were the names of Lyndon B. Johnson’s dogs during his term in the White House.

We are making our roots in Austin, Texas and felt an immediate connection to the name because we are a husband and wife team, and our two dogs, Argus and Lakshmi, are a male and a female.  Why Her first? Because Reed is the driving force behind Her and Him, and we didn’t want to take that away from her by putting Him first (and shouldn’t Her always be first anyway?).

Reed and Mark are a married couple based in Austin, Texas. We live with our two herding dogs Argus and Lakshmi, and our big orange kitty Lloyd. We’re both super active people; Reed’s hobbies outside of work include olympic style boxing classes at Austin Boxing Babes and hiking with Argus and Lakshmi. Mark has been known to choose a bicycle over a car and loves hanging out at Austin Bouldering Gym. We like to include our dogs as much as possible in our day to day activities and consider them to be our family. Argus and Lakshmi are well traveled dogs, most recently having come with us for two months across country on our honeymoon, visiting National Parks, state parks, major landmarks, camping, cities, motels, and hotels. We enjoy taking advantage of all the dog friendly activities Austin has to offer, including hiking the greenbelt, local camping spots, farmer’s markets, and happy hour.

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