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``Reed was the only trainer who helped us with our dog's severe separation anxiety. Before finding Reed, we had tried four other trainers, but none of them had the patience or unique knowledge about how to get real results with this difficult situation. Reed was amazing and each time we worked together, I saw huge amounts of progress. We went from not being able to leave the room without our dog following us to being able to leave him alone for 4 hours within a few short months. Besides separation anxiety, Reed also helped our dog with his canine good citizen training and nose work. Reed is not only great with dogs, but also personable and professional. I highly recommend Reed for all of your dog training needs.``

J. Newman November 2016

We moved into an apartment in downtown Austin from a home with a backyard with our lab and border collie cross. We immediately noticed huge reactivity issues with our lab. We bought a private training session package with our trainer, Reed. Worth every penny. She was able to come in and assess our unique situation and came up with a training plan. She was amazing and taught us techniques that worked for our circumstances, and she was super flexible around our schedule. Reed saved our lives!! 🙂

Annie U. November 2016

We adopted a puppy a few months ago, with some neurological issues, and after a few weeks, we were at our wits end. We brought in trainer #1 from a different company and were less than delighted by their approach seeming lack of ability to deal with our current situation. They told us, ``it won't be impossible, but you've got a long road ahead of you...`` That was the last time we saw them. Enter Reed Morgan. Reed showed up at our door and instantly had our little boy behaving like a little angel. My wife and I were floored at his behavioral change while she was present and watched in amazement as she had him doing things immediately without our having knowledge that he could do them. In an instant, he was transformed in our minds from sociopath to savant and we saw him as the brilliant little boy that he is. We are looking forward to having Reed back as soon as we can to continue teaching our little one all the great things he can do. Thanks Reed!

Brooks November 2016

I have a sweet but extremely nervous and protective mini dachshund named Dr. Bosley. Dr. B is 8 years old and I had just gotten to a point where I tolerated his leash aggression, always checking to make sure there was no one in the front yard before taking him out at my condo. I rarely walked him, frustrated by his interest in attacking squirrels, strollers, bicycles, motorcycles, cats, and other dogs. I've done only two sessions with Reed Morgan and Dr. B. has become an absolute dream to take around. She helped me to recognize his triggers and anticipate them. We also did a session where we introduced Boz to Reed's dog Argus so I could learn how to help Boz make friends. This next session we are going to coordinate with some of the other dogs in my condo to help B have even more friends. Thank you Reed for helping me to regain control of my dog and enjoy spending time with him outside the house!

Lauren H. November 2016