Reed Villarreal

Founder of Her & Him Dog Training

Reed Villarreal was born and raised in San Francisco. An avid animal lover, Reed was known to bring home random strays and try to make them her own. As renters, Reed’s parents were not allowed to have dogs, but not to be dissuaded Reed memorized the book “The Encyclopedia of the Dog” back to back, soaking up all of the information she could on different dog breeds. Reed often pet sat, walked the local neighborhood dogs, and had various other small animals as pets. As a child Reed volunteered with various dog rescue organizations and at the Randall Museum in the animal room working with wildlife.

Reed’s interest in animal and human behavior led her to earn her Bachelor’s in Psychology from San Francisco State University, where she graduated with honors. Reed then started assisting with puppy socialization playgroups at SF Puppy Prep. From there, Reed began working more deeply with two dog rescue groups, eventually joining the founding board of Northern California Family Dog Rescue where she helped to establish behavior protocols, organize classes specifically for shelter dogs, and preformed behavior evaluations to see if shelter dogs were a good fit for Family Dog’s program. Reed fostered and trained countless dogs in her own home, ranging from day old chihuahua puppies to 100 pound american bulldogs, and loved the challenge that each individual dog presented.

Wanting to expand her knowledge of canine behavior, Reed attended Marin Humane Society’s Canine Behavior Academy 1 and 2 under the tutelage of Trish King. Shortly after she was invited to participate in the newly formed SF SPCA Behavior and Training Dog Internship Program where she was lucky to be tutored by Kim Moeller, one of the current leading experts in dog reactivity.

During that time Reed began assisting with classes ranging from basic puppy classes to more advanced classes like tricks and Reactive Rover. She also became widely known in San Francisco as someone who is an expert in deaf dogs and began providing private lessons for all dogs covering various issues. Reed has worked with an extensive variety of behavioral concerns ranging from basic obedience to dog/dog or human aggression.

Reed’s own dogs are a deaf and vision impaired Australian Shepherd named Argus and a Cattle Dog/Border Collie mix named Lakshmi. Both dogs have attended countless classes and compete in various dog sports. Argus has earned his Canine Good Citizen as well as an APDT Rally Obedience level 1 title with an Award of Excellence. Lakshmi also has her Canine Good Citizen and holds various agility titles.

Reed still has a passion for deaf dogs but her other interests include shy or fearful dogs, helping owners to understand their high energy working breeds, puppy socialization, reactivity, separation anxiety, human and dog aggression, reactivity prevention, and she loves to teach fun creative tricks. Reed is a CPDT-KA certified trainer.